React Developer

at Collabera
Location Charlotte, NC
Date Posted April 24, 2021
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Job Type Contractor


Hi ,

Let me know if you are looking for below role:

Please note* candidate must provide sample work of their code via gitbhub or whatever they have

 Client: Banking

Job Title: React Developer

# of Openings: 1

Locations: Uptown, CLT – remote until WFH is lifted

Contract/Perm/C2H: Contract – prefers to be able to convert

Contract Length: 12 to 24 months based on project need/performance  

Citizenship Status: USC/GCH/H4-EAD/GC-EAD/E3/J2 EAD/L2-EAD

Must haves:  

•         5 years of experience with HTML5 and CSS3

•         4 years of JavaScript experience

•         4 years of JavaScript framework experience (React, Angular, Node, etc.)

•         4 years of RESTful web services experience

•         3 years of React/Redux experience

•         2 years of unit testing experience (Jest, tape, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha/Chai)

•         1 years of Jira/Confluence experience

  •  Clean coding standards.

•         Communication & Personality!


•         1 year of Jenkins experience

•         1 year of uDeploy experience  

Technology framework(s)


  • React
    1. Scaffolded with Create React App (CRA)
    2. Custom configuration rewired with Create React App Configuration Override (CRACO) in order to avoid ejecting.

  • Redux
    1. Utilized via react-redux library
    2. Selectors auto-generated with lodash property mehod

  • WFRIA 3 Framework
    1. More details can be found in their documentation here

  • Middleware
    1. redux-saga
    2. Global error handling via custom middleware
    3. Custom API client injection to attach client directly to the action object
    4. Custom token middleware in order to refresh the JWT token

  • Routing
    1. react-router-dom

  • HTTP REST calls
    1. Axois via custom API service

  • Forms
    1. Formik, see the Formik & Wrapped Components page

  • Stylesheets
    1. Vanilla CSS is supported
    2. SASS is supported via node-sass. Until the Visual Studio Tools (containing the VC compiler) are packaged, a prebuilt binary based on architecture and node version is necessary.
    3. PostCSS is run automatically, therefore, adding vendor extensions manually is not required
    4. Bootstrap is not utilized in our project, please defer to utilizing WFRIA FlexGrid.
    5. Our project utilizes the flexbox layout, avoiding float at all costs unless absolutely necessary.

  • Java
    1. The UI contains a standalone Java project which is bundled into a WAR and utilized to server the static files built from the React project. This WAR provides not only the ability to serve the files, but also enables integration with our authentication and authorization solution.

  • Misc
    1. Other miscellaneous libraries, such as lodash, moment.js, etc. See package.json for current listing. 

BAR Tool(s)

  1. GitHub
  2. npm
  3. Gradle
  4. Jenknis
  5. uDeploy
  6. Artifactory 

Testing Framework(s)

  1. Mocha/Jest utilized in conjunction with React Testing Library and Mock Service Worker (MSW), as well as Sinon for spies and stubs.

Development IDE(s) & Tools

  1. Visual Studio Code, with the following extensions:

  1. ESLint
  2. Material Icon Theme
  3. npm Intellisense
  4. Path Intellisense
  5. Prettier

  1. Git for Windows
  2. Google Chrome though it's important Edge is also fully tested.

    1. React DevTools extension
    2. Redux DevTools extension

  1. Node.js / npm
  2. Gradle
  3. Postman for HTTP REST call testing

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