react native developer

at RIT Solutions, Inc.
Published November 25, 2023
Location Minneapolis, MN
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  


Must be local - Hybrid
Must have a valid LinkedIn profile


  1. Build modular and scalable experiences for customers in React Native and Native Android/ iOS
  2. Directly contribute to the architecture and technical direction for features design related to how a user navigates the app and interacts with their products
  3. Contribute to how features establishing data contracts and structure their state management patterns
  4. Collaborate on dynamic strategies for the performance, usability and accessibility of features that reach industry leading amounts of traffic
  5. Define new technology trends and influence development patterns throughout the company


  1. 6+ years of software engineering experience in the mobile app space
  2. 3+ years React Native experience
  3. 2+ year native iOS/Android experience
  4. Hands on experience integrating React/React Native experiences into native platforms
  5. Communicate effectively in both verbal and written form for code reviews and technical discussions
  6. Experience working in React/Node Environments
  7. Strong Vanilla JS skills and an interest in developing for app and web
  8. Experience with GraphQL and JSON Graph data structures
  9. Would like you to have developed/published at least one relevant mobile offering on Android, preferably also iOS
  10. Passionate about technology and creative in finding new implementations for it
  11. Able to articulate technical topics to both engineering teams and non-technical partners
  12. Comfortable working in an agile environment and able to self-identify work that needs to be done
  13. Leadership and mentoring of more junior engineers by pairing and reviewing code
  14. Experience with VM and build tools (Cocoapods, Gradle, Babel, Xcode, Android Studio)
  15. Experience with commonly used libraries (Retrofit, Butterknife, Espresso, Alamofire, Axios, etc) is a bonus
  16. Experience using build and deployment tools. (Github Actions, Jenkins)
  17. Version control systems such as Git and repo management like Github / BitBucket
  18. Unit testing (Jest, Enzyme, React Testing Library)
  19. Automated testing (Cypress, Webdriver, etc)
  20. Experience with bundling technologies (Webpack, Rollup)
  21. Experience with Cloud Infrastructure; AWS / OpenStack
  22. Understanding of frontend performance best practices
  23. Developed with Pattern Libraries and reusable design patterns