React Native Lead

at Codeforce 360
Published February 10, 2024
Location Atlanta, GA
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Career Opportunity:

Job Title: React Native Lead

About CodeForce 360

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Position Overview

React Native Lead


  • "Strong proficiency with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSS.
  • Knowledge of popular libraries used along with a React Native app: React Navigation, React Native Reanimated.
  • Familiar with general and widely used React libs like Redux (with Thunk or Saga), React hooks and function components, Immer, Axios, Formik, React Spring and Storybook.
  • Familiar with REST APIs and/or GraphQL to connect a mobile application to the back-end service.
  • Understanding native iOS and Android integrations that need be made with React Native in order to solve certain use cases.
  • Key Skills - React Native, Mobile App development, Java Script.

How to Apply

Job ID: JPC - 171314

For more information, please contact below:

Fareed Hussain

Qualified individuals will be contacted for an interview.